As Scotland votes in independence referendum, it’s time to ask: should Australia become a republic?

An article at News .com .au asks the above question and has a pollShould Australia Become a republic?

SCOTS go to the polls today to vote on one simple question: “Should Scotland be an independent country?”

Opinion polls suggest the referendum’s outcome will be tight.

If the “yes” case succeeds, it will be the first time Scotland has claimed its independence in more than 300 years.

Whatever the outcome, the push for Scottish independence has prompted many to wonder whether Australia ?will ever claim its own independence by becoming a republic.

Voters rejected a proposal for Australia to become a republic in a 1999 referendum, largely because the question tied the issue to a prescribed model for the election of a president.

So with Scottish voters being offered a plain and simple question, we’ve decided it’s time for readers to be offered a similarly straightforward question about our own country’s future.

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