Twelve Apostles. Victoria founded 1851. photo: pixabay.com

Twelve Apostles. Victoria founded 1851. photo: pixabay.com


1. Nomination of Candidates.

The State / Territory Government / Parliament , Political Parties and the People of each State or Territory are entitled to nominate candidates, that would be elected by the members of their state or territory. The nominations are done State by State and Territory / Territory basis. Each State or Territory will be entitled to determine how they select their candidate to be known as the “Endorsed Primary Candidate.”


2. Election of Candidates

There will be 8 Candidates elected by the voters to represent each of the 6 States and 2 Territories. On the day of the Election, the ballot paper will have 1 candidate above the line and all the candidates below the line.

1. “Above the Line:”  The  State / Territories’ Endorsed Primary Candidate as selected by the Lower House or by the Parliament will take the top position on the Ballot Paper.

2. “Below The Line:” The State or Territories Endorsed Primary Candidate takes first place on the ballot Paper below the line. The positions after the first positions are filled by a draw overseen by the State Electoral Commission.


3. Selection / Election of Head of State

The House of Representatives in Canberra, and the equivalent House in the States & ACT and Northern Territory will vote in two ways:

1. The first 6 rounds will be to eliminate a candidate (total 6) – one by one.

2. The final vote is for the Head of State. (It is NOT an elimination vote.)

The Candidate receiving the most votes will be declared the HoS.

The remaining candidate will be declared the Vice/Deputy HoS.



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