Australia’s PM Julia Gillard Backs Republic After Queen’s Death

Australia should become a republic when Queen Elizabeth II dies, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has said just days ahead of a general election.

Welsh-born Ms Gillard said the Queen’s death would be an “appropriate point” for Australia to move away from having a British monarch as head of state. The appropriate time for Australia to move towards a republic was when there was a change in monarch, even if that didn’t happen for another decade or more. … read the full story

This website also suggested in Considerations that this is indeed what should happen, and like Ms Gillard also “has a deep affection (and respect)  for the 84-year-old monarch whom she wished a long and healthy life.”

“The Queen is Dead. Long Live the Republic of Australia!”


Where is Our Head of State?

The deadly Victorian bushfires in February 2009, were a horrific reminder of just how natural disasters can occur.

It is wonderful to have Princess Anne as the Queen’s representative and daughter visit the fire ravaged areas. Princess Anne told the remembrance ceremony:  “Individuals and towns have responded with resilience, ingenuity, courage and selflessness to situations that were changing at terrifying speed. “People from around Australia and across the world watched in horror but with admiration at their response. “

We do indeed thank her for taking the time to visit…

But where was our Queen of Australia?

And if the Queen is unable to journey to the antipodes, where was the second in line for the throne, the man who actually went to school in the fire ravaged state of Victoria.

Where was HRH The Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, the future King of Australia?

In 2005 when hurricane Katrina devastated Southern Florida, President Bush took time out from his busy schedule to visited the stricken states of his country.

Does Victoria only warrant a visit from the 10th in line for the Throne?

Where is our Head of State?