Uluru. Northern Territory founded 1911. photo pixabay.com

Uluru. Northern Territory founded 1911. photo pixabay.com

This website puts forward an alternative to the impasse between the politicians and people.

The Australian people want to have a say in the election of a Head of State. The People rejected the model where only the politicians select the head of state.

Until a method is reached where the people and politicians both have a say in who becomes the Head of State, it is likely that an impasse will remain for sometime.


The SEM is a compromise that both the people and politicians would find acceptable. It is also one that would be uniquely Australian and would give a “fair go” to both the people, politicians and Parliaments of Australia.

In this model, the people elect their candidates on a state by state (6) and territory by territory (2) basis.

When the 8 candidates have been elected, Parliaments of federal, state and territorial governments have a combined meeting to elect the Head Of State from the 8 candidates presented to them by the people.

It would enable candidates with representation  from the respective governments, political parties, and directly by the people  from the following the States and Territories.

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