A Flag for All Australians

Five White Stars, on a Green and Gold Cross, on a Blue Field


That is a simple description of this flag. Concise. Easy to explain. Easy to draw.

The new Southern Cross Flag is bold, beautiful and easily recognised. It looks like a flag, not like a logo.

But this flag is not not revolutionary flag. Far from it. The Flag has evolved from our history. The new Southern Cross Flag is a combination of the old and the recent.

While it has been influenced by the past, it also has one small feature to include those over-looked in the past. It will finally bring all Australians — indiginous and immigrant together.

It removes our obeisance to the British colonial rule. It does not show subservience by displaying another country’s flag, the Union Jack, in the prominent position of the canton.

It is not a British Blue Ensign “defaced” by the Southern Cross in the inferior position on the Fly.

It does not look like yet another British Blue ensign derivative or the “British flag at night”.

And it will never be confused with our neighbour’s flag from across the ditch.

The Southern Cross Flag

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