Fish Cove. Queensland founded 1859. photo: pixabay.com

Fish Cove. Queensland founded 1859. photo: pixabay.com

We ask you to sign our petition in support of the State Elected Model (SEM).

This three step model in brief:

  • Nomination- Governments, political parties and ‘the people’ nominate candidates on a state by state, territory by territory basis
  • Election – The electorate of the states and territories choose their representative by direct election
  • Selection – The parliamentarians of all the Lower Houses in Australia, State & Federal, (ie our elected representatives) s/elect the Australian Head of State in a joint Australia wide sitting.

What is unique about this System?

Everybody is able to nominate candidates, Political Parties, State & Territory Governments and “the People”.

The people are able to Elect a Representative.

The Parliamentarians choose from the candidates we give them.


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Note: This petition is about support for this specific model and is not the place to be commenting about any other system. If you do sign the petition and make comment about supporting another system your signature will simply be deleted.

Please leave any suggestions about how the SEM may be improved in the comments section on the page where your suggestion is most suited.

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Joshua Warrington,



Good concept I'd vote for it. Allow the people to select and then vote in their representatives. Then allow the pollies to choose from the representatives the people give them. Much better than making us choose from their list. The concept of voting off Survivor Style" those they like the least is an excellent idea - I can see people tuned in for Survivor ACT!

I dont really follow politics however, we as the young Australians are ready for independence.

Josephine Ann Rajanayagam,
We should fast track this. I think it's time Australia & the PM be in a position to make decisions, and move on alongside with the globe after 109 yrs, and asap. Loss of red tape, might also help put us back on track sooner rather than later, and provide a little more 'power and responsibility' for PM and MP's to act expeditiously. This might also bring harmony amongst pollies and bet pollies and us, including businesses, and yet again, with the rest of the world.

Vidondaraja Narayanasamy,
Can't wait, considering the time lapse for govt approvals and decision-making. Let's move on.

Michael Hein,
Fuck the monarchy!

Michael Labine,
I am from Canada, but I support Australia becoming a Republic. Australians deserve full independence & to have their full potential realized AND Australia SHOULD have an Australian Head of State voted for BY Australians, NOT the Queen or the Royal Family as head of state.

New Zealand wants to become a Republic too & I hope Canada becomes a Republic as well, Canadians, a large part of them, including me, ARE getting tired of the Queen as Head Of State & not having a Canadian AS Head Of State.


Michael Labine of Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Jeremy Gould,

Dean Basic,
we should be a republic, sick of the English.

I voted against the referendum last century and now bitterly regret my decision. I long for Australia to become a republic, have our own head of state and be proud of who we are. The royal family and queen might be entertaining for some or extremely boring for others, but do not represent who we are. I think the State Elected Model is fine. No objections, but very keen for another referendum.

I am an Voting Australian student who believes that the Royal family are outdated and pointless. Let Australia be a republic and have its separate identity from a silly English Monarch.


Harjit Kaur,
I really want to be the first president or first female president of Australia. It would be a great honour to be a first in the dawn of republicism in Australia. I strongly support the republic of Australia.

Sheldon Cowan,




Diane Cummings,
Before I didn't care too much but after hearing Russell Brand expose their greed, excesses and staggering disparity, I am keen to see the end of the whole charade. Ride the tide of Russell Brand and get rid of them for Australia at least. I do not want to pay for any of that mob and am keen to see them just hand over the jewels, palaces and get a job. Reignite the campaign by linking it to the popular Russell Brand expose, I think you may get a lot more signatures.

john mahon,


Pamela Thornton,

John Graham,
This needs to happen ASAP.

Damien Garrett,

Andrew Williams,
Good model, past due

Geoff Unie,

Carol Drews,

John K Russell,
Great idea we need to cut the Queen EII loose to stop more stupid captains picks.


It is time

David Webber,

It is OVERTIME for Australia to become a Republic! The UK has a long history of NOT CARING about Australia. When Churchill was prepared to sacrifice Australia to the Japanese during WWII, THAT should have been a RED FLAG WARNING that the UK is as foreign a power as China, lording it over our government and way of life. The sacking of the best government we ever had, Gough Whitlam made me DETERMINED to rid our country of these foreign interlopers. Australia it is now TIME to cut the apron strings, GROW UP! and become a self-governing, autonomous country in our own right. We will NEVER be treated as a mature nation until we stand on our own feet and disconnect from a country 12,000 kms away that couldn't give a rat's behind about our nation or its people.

Lisa Clements,

Michael Pyke,
Time for us to grow up

Peter Terry,

Bev Terry,

Meg Elliott,

Jeff Beaton,

Reg W Chapple,

Lyn Arnold,
Long overdue move. Let's 'just do it'!


Spiro Aretoulis,

Eloise Short,

julian randell,

Gaye L Brannan,

Robert Cook,

About time,we are grown ups now.

Risto Siljanoski,

Clarke Mayze,

Fred Porter,
Republic of Australia, yes please!

Jan Getson,


Mitchell Cross,

Let's do it and do it now. Move forward Australia





Patrick Crowley,
Just don't complicate the issue

Mary Okell,
We need a new flag without the Union Jack

Barry Henry,
We want a republic

j. muzzatti,

Jeffrey okell,






Ide Clinton,

Monika Willis,

Gary Shipman,

We are Australians. We are a mature and independent nation. We deserve and demand our own head of state beholden only to the citizens of Australia.

Genevieve Murphy,

Chris Smith,
We need to grow up and cut the apron strings.

Berenice Kavanagh,

Enough is enough queen Elizabeth2 steps down so do we

Australia's long time with Britain and the Queen is up. We're our own country and as such should have our own head of state. A republic is the way forward for Australia

Thank You



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