A Message from the Chair of the ARM – Peter FitzSimons

From Peter FitzSimons – Chair Australian Republican Movement

As you may know as a progressive Australian, I have taken over as Chair of the Australian Republican Movement.

I recently did a speech on the Republic to the National Press Club, which sets out our position:


If you don’t have time to watch it, here is a transcript of that speech:


While we have received a lot of good will since, we need more than that. We need membership.

Could you please encourage your strong network to join us on this link:


We are very, very grateful.

We want a new Australia, not reduced to finding our Heads of State from one family of aristocrats, living in a Palace in London.

We want an Australia where any one of us can be Head of State.

As to what kind, we will democratically decide.

My own model, however, can fit in a tweet.

Current system: PM chooses GG, asks Q.

New system: PM chooses GG asks Parliament.

And that is IT.

Nothing else need change, not even the name “Governor-General,” and we can remain also “The Commonwealth of Australia.”

Others prefer the Direct Election Model, and that too is very possible.

If that is the one we Australians democratically decide on, I will support it.

Please feel free to pass this email on, with my email address, to your network. We are doing this transparently, and have no need to hide anything.

We are very grateful for your support,

I am, you are, we are Australian, and we are on the move!

JOIN us!


Sydney Morning Herald

Tweet: @Peter_Fitz

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  1. Jim Ahearn says:

    Hi Peter, This will happen. The changing face of the Australian population with no direct linkage to the “Old Dart” will see a constantly lowering interest in the Monarchy. It’s nice to see the Poms leaving the EU and hopefully that will see a lift in trade for Aussie exporters but the relationship will never be the same as it was in the 50’s & 60’s but then I’ve never been a “hat tipper”. Let’s keep the Ashes (We need someone to regularly beat) but apart from that I’m ready for the Republic of Oz. The Royals make good fodder for the scandal rags and that’s about it for me. (Nice to read a 10 year old New Idea while waiting at the dentist and see what Camilla or Charles have been up to.!! (WTF?) Cheers Jim

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